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The Denver Metro SBDC is so proud of our partnership with eL3. The Plan Forward Program has helped us provide powerful education, effective communication, and connected access to our clients in a way that no other program offering does. The platform has allowed our center to grow the number of clients we serve, increased our abilities to add-value to our clients, and we constantly hear from our clients how great the program is for their business growth.
— Abram Sloss, Director, Denver Metro SBDC
“Teaching in a flipped classroom has brought an entirely new dimension to the classroom experience. The eL3 Plan Forward program has allowed us to focus our class time on problem solving and collaboration. Our students are developing their business models faster and with greater intelligence. The North Metro Denver SBDC is stoked about our eL3 partnership.
— -Glenn Plagens, Director of North Metro SBDC, Denver
This is 21st Century Training.

Business people are busy and need tools like this program to help them maximize program participant’s time and energy.

The Plan Forward business planning course brings the classroom home and the homework to class. Nancy Barnett, creator of the program, has taken the process of business planning to another level by combining traditional education concepts with technology and new teaching tools like the Business Model Canvas
— --Chuck Hahn, Aurora SBDC