Teaching the Tools for Successful Business Ownership. Leading Entrepreneurial Growth Globally.


Our Mission

eL3 globally promotes economic, individual and community growth through entrepreneurial education programs, services and products. Everything we offer is built on entrepreneurial education built by small business champions, designed by educational professionals and incorporates the resources of the community.


eL3 is a training company that teaches entrepreneurship in a blended learning format using an online learning platform. It has been developed by small business owners and showcases small business resources, such as government and non-profit organizations dedicated to business growth. The curriculum has been organized on a LMS educational platform by skilled online educators in a format based on student learning best practices.

eL3’s Leading Edge class helped me to realize how importiant alignment of my business with my True North is. I can see now how if not aligned it would be a struggle to find success and happiness.
— Heather Hodovance, Leading Edge Class SBDC Denver, CO

What We've Achieved

  • Created a program developed by current small business owners, but also tested in actual classrooms and modified and continually improved by its end users.
  • We have built a program that goes beyond “writing a business plan” to teaching a business model design process that the entrepreneur can use throughout the life of their business.
  • A program that can be adjusted and customized for the specific needs of the participants.
  • A program that actively develops the unique set of skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship and small business ownership.
  • Proven positive results for clients who are dedicated to educating and supporting entrepreneurship, small business and economic growth for their students and community.