Online small business classes

An educational toolkit for successful business ownership

The eL3 Hub training programs are developed by successful business owners. The classes are formatted and designed by e-learning educators and trainers, and incorporate business community resources available through non-profit, state, and federal agencies. For over five years, this program has been successfully used by community organizations and educational institutions to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to design a viable business model and strategy.

This is business, education and government all working together.

Though the program our students receive all the tools necessary to:

  • Develop a detailed strategy and plan of action for their business
  • Complete a comprehensive business plan to submit to lending institutions or to guide the business

The curriculum uses innovative business modeling techniques incorporated into a 21st century e-learning platform that, when partnered with an online classroom and community environment, creates an interactive learning experience that sparks enthusiasm, creative thinking and confidence.

Business Plan Creation

Create a viable business model and find funding for your new business

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Training entrepreneurs for small business creation and success

Small Business Accounting

Learn the fundamentals or financial health for your new business

Learn Marketing for the 2020s

Content, social media and digital advertising in the modern market

Dedicated Support

Join our community to access support from our team of small business pros

training entrepreneurs for small business Success

Why Choose Us?

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Invaluable Experience

We know there are many online courses for you to choose from. Some focus on marketing or sales. Others focus on accounting or defining your target market. We offer a comprehensive approach that integrates the best practices of
those fundamental topics, while adding
practical, relevant experience.

Our curriculum was developed over a decade while working directly with thousands of small business owners. We’ve seen every degree of success and failure, and have refined our program to maximize the former, and minimize the

Access to our Online Entrepreneur Community

The eL3 system combines education with
ongoing support and community.

Our team is made up of business growth consultants, educators, small business marketers, finance consultants and more. This internal team, combined with our network of current small business owners, gives you the support and community to help you launch your business and thrive for the long term.  

Empowering Small Businesses

Our Ethos

At eL3 Hub, our educational programs are the trunk and branches of a tree. The trunk and branches must be strong to weather high winds and torrential rainstorms. If they are weak or diseased, the tree will fall over in a breeze. We offer an intensive, comprehensive course that teaches you to think like a business owner and develop a financially viable business model. You create and test the plan before you invest time, money, and resources. 


The branches grow from our many specialized courses, which include Start-Up Basics, Marketing, Accounting, and others, as well as our ever-expanding catalog of new courses to support our growing community. eL3 is a dynamic program that grows along with our students.

from our Entrepreneur Community

Success Stories

Read how our clients and community members have thrived in their small businesses after working with eL3 Hub. 

Our history

Why did we create eL3 Hub?

Frankly, we got tired of seeing promising businesses fail from the same mistakes, time and time again. We knew we had information that entrepreneurs could use to avoid losing their businesses, but we were limited by the number of people we could consult with individually, and their proximity to our classrooms or offices.

With the recent expansion of online global video
communication options and technology, we now have
the ability to bring our program to more people in
more places and still maintain the one on one support that we know works.  

Are you ready to move your small business to the next level? 

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We can not wait to hear how we can help you.