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If Starting Your Own Business Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Then a surprising thing happened. The majority of my new clients wanted to start a business. That was unexpected. Many had been dissatisfied with their job for some time. Others still had jobs but did not believe the job would be long lasting. Some had a hobby that they would love to somehow turn into a business. Others just wanted to create a second revenue stream. Some saw opportunities in certain markets. Entrepreneurship was “alive and well” in 2020.

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The Power of the Pivot

A huge part of business planning is actually spent in research, testing and pivoting. One of the primary reasons for business planning is to prove the the model is financially viable. That work is not for the bank, it is for you. REMEMBER – You are your first investor. You are investing time, money, energy and passion. It is critical to ensure it is the right investment for you and your family. 

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