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Entrepreneurial Education for Technical and Professional Schools

Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurial Education for Technical and Professional Schools

Every day students graduate from learning institutions. They may have a degree in business or psychotherapy or just received their CPA license. Others have just graduated from a chiropractic or massage school. Many receive certifications as auto repair technicians, real estate agents or appraisers. 

Many of the graduates of these programs will want or need to start their own practice or shop. Yet few have had even one class in how to start one. Unfortunately, many of the programs they graduate from are excellent at teaching them their craft but do not have strong entrepreneurial programs within their curriculum to help their graduates launch their own businesses.

As a school owner, president or director, you are faced with the internal challenge of providing the best education for your students that enable them to be successful in their craft. You have are also faced with growing competition from the outside.  What can you incorporate into your curriculum that will help you with both of those issues? What can you do to insure the prospective student “Will Choose You?” What value-add can you provide that your competition does not?

Customize your program

The eL3 Plan Forward Entrepreneurial Program can provide that value add for you. Since the Plan Forward Program is designed as a general entrepreneurial training course. We offer customization to trade and technical schools who want entrepreneurial curriculum tailored for their specific industry. For example, if the client is a chiropractic school we can customize the program to help the graduates envision and design their practices. Understanding their target market, the competition, best location choice, marketing and sales combined with a solid financial plan often spells the difference between a successful career or not. In today’s competitive environment technical skills alone will not ensure long-term success. Adding this comprehensive, accessible and user-friendly entrepreneurial educational program to your current curriculum will enable your school to stand out above your competitors. Your students will not only complete a business plan ready for lenders, but learn the skill sets necessary to run a successful practice.

To support your program’s success, we offer comprehensive facilitator training with detailed instructor manuals.

The Colorado Department of Transportation chose to incorporate industry specific information into the Plan Forward™ to use in their Leading Edge Transportation Strategic Business Planning Series. eL3 can do the same for your organization or school.


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