Entrepreneurial Education at Your Fingertips

eL3 will soon be offering an on-line facilitated entrepreneurial training program. Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It usually requires a mindset change. Unless we come from entrepreneurial families most of us have an employee mindset. You are the first investor in your business. You must prove to yourself this is a good investment of your time, money and heart. The outcome of this program is a written business plan, but the intent is to teach you how to build a financially viable business model that you can execute. 

We will be opening a online facilitated class for up to 40 students. Every two weeks for 12 weeks an open webinar will be conducted by one of our certified facilitators to answer questions, problem-solve, share resources, etc. Within the class will be on-going on-line discussions with classmates and the facilitator.


At the end of the program you will:

The class is written by small business owners and designed on a LMS platform by skilled educators.  eL3 delivers an interactive, vibrant educational format that incorporates the following features: