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Facilitator Certification


Facilitator certification

The eL3 Plan Forward™ Entrepreneurial Educational Program is an extremely powerful tool when used in conjunction with a skilled facilitator to motivate and challenge the students to do their personal best.

Two types of facilitator certifications

  1. Facilitation training for organizations or schools who incorporate the eL3 Plan Forward™ into their training program, we offer facilitator training and support.
  2. Facilitation certification for professional business consultants, coaches and trainers who wish to incorporate eL3 Plan Forward™ curriculum into the products and services they offer in their businesses. Our program can help you reach more clients and broaden your range of services. If you coach clients on how to start or grow their business this can be an effective tool to help them understand the importance of what you are telling them.
Two questions often come up:
  1. What is the difference between a teacher and a facilitator?
  2. What skillsets make a good facilitator?

Most of us have experienced the teacher being the “Sage on the Stage.” The teacher is considered to be the leader in the classroom. Learning is often viewed as a passive activity. Teachers are the people who tell the student how to think and what to think. They show the student how to relate to subject matter and give examples to help the student understand their message.

Educational trends are moving in a new direction. They are discovering that the most powerful and lasting kinds of learning does not come from being told what to think but in learning how to think for oneself.  A facilitator takes on the role of learning guide and navigator. They assist students in their learning process-by discussing ideas, creating learning opportunities in the classroom, allowing students to form their own opinions and most importantly, owning the material through self-exploration and dialogue.

EL3 elearning plarform

In the Blended Learning format most of the lectures, all of the written material and worksheets are online. All learning materials are accessible to the student 24-7 on their computers, tablets and smart phones. The classroom centers on collaboration and student exploration. Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to first understand how to build a financially viable business model and plan for its execution. They cannot just hang out their “shingle” and expect customers to find them.

The process of facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reins. A facilitator’s job is to get others to assume responsibility and take the lead.


One who is willing to commit to a style of: “asking” rather than “telling.”
Willing to spend time on building relationships rather than focused on task-orienting
Can adapt to changing situations
Assumes responsibility for the group’s journey.
Demonstrates professionalism, self-confidence and authenticity
More enthusiastic than systematic
More outgoing than serious
More like a coach than a scientist
More like a counselor than a sergeant
Can keep the end goal in mind while working on the detail.


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