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How to Spell Entrepreneur

How Do You Spell Entrepreneur?

CRAZY – INSANE- UNREALISTIC-No that is not how you spell a critical word.

It is not an easy word to spell, and it is even more challenging to be one. Did you know “How Do You Spell Entrepreneur” is the Number 1 question when you google the word “entrepreneur?” It is more important to know “What makes an entrepreneur?”

Energy: Starting a business consumes your energy. You are constantly thinking about your business. You may be launching it as a side business, which means you are already working 40+ hours at a regular job. Not only do you expend energy, but you must also find a way to conserve at the same time. One way is to focus on what makes a difference in your business. 

Nerve: It takes Nerve to start a business. It may mean giving up a regular paycheck. Having a job gives us a certain amount of security. You will need to believe in yourself when others may not. Everyone has a different risk tolerance. Know yours.

Time: Getting a business off the ground takes an incredible amount of time. Where will you find those “extra hours.” Are you spending your time on the activities that make a difference in the outcome?

Education: Most of us were not taught to be entrepreneurs and small business owners? Our school systems are designed to teach us defined skill sets to be an employee. Starting a business requires creating something new, leaving your comfort zone, developing new skill sets, to name a few. Commit to being a continuous learner. Your entrepreneurial education can never end. The world changes too quickly. New technology comes online constantly. New business models start every day. Your business model must adapt to new competition, outside threats. Learning never ends.

Passion: This is absolutely required. Passion is another name for Drive. Passion makes us get up early or work after the family is in bed. Passion enables us to leap out of our comfort zone.

Resiliency: No matter how much you plan; things will not go perfectly. Best laid plans will be upended. However, your ability to get back up after a setback can make the difference between success and failure.

Excellence: Do your best for your customers, your employees, your partners, and yourself. 

Networking: You have to get out there. Find those key partners who can help you better serve your clients. Do your research and discover the most productive networking activities.

Endurance: This is not a short sprint; starting and running a business is more like a marathon. Be strategic, set the goals, monitor progress, reassess, change if needed but always move forward.

Understanding: You must not just understand your craft or your profession; you must understand how to run a business, which means paying attention to your competition, your financials, and your customers.

Realistic-Set achievable goals. It usually takes time to get the business off the ground and almost always costs more money than you initially thought. Be willing to adapt to a changing environment.


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