We have assembled a dedicated professional team to deliver the finest entrepreneurial training possible.

The curriculum was developed by current entrepreneurs and small business owners. The material was then placed on a Learning Management System by K-12 and Higher Education eLearning professionals who know how people best learn. The eL3 team goes beyond the owners. Input for the program design and material has been received from community leaders in the Colorado SBDCs (Small Business Development Centers) and successful business owners (Small Business Champions) in the community who have given their time and expertise to mentor new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Founding Team Members



Nancy Barnett, CEO

Training and education have been the core of Nancy’s career. She spent 25 years in the Corporate World before leaving to become a Baby Boomer Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner. Those 25 years were spent corporate training, human resources and . . . read more.

Judy Perez, Board Advisor

Judy Perez is board advisor for eL3, LLC.  She currently serves as the CEO and founder of eLearn Collaborative, a nonprofit organization that offers educational services to schools and districts in the U.S. and Latin America supporting blended and . . . read more.

Suzy Schutz, Treasurer

Like many of our entrepreneurial clients Suzy did not achieve her expertise through formal education beyond a high school diploma but instead through on-the-job service, self-study and mentoring from peers in her field . . . read more.

eL3 Team members

Matt edwards, Director of Business Development

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

As the Director of Business Development for eL3, LLC Matt is doing what makes him come alive. Matt believes that entrepreneurs are best suited to address the issues that face our world.  As part of a world class entrepreneurial education team, his mission in life is to help unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that will achieve what has been believed to be impossible. He believes the power to dream and make those dreams become a reality is worth living for.  He believes it is the power and passion of entrepreneurs that will lead us into a better tomorrow. 

Matt Edwards has spent 23 years in sales and service in a variety of industries. He is a proud member of the Wyoming Air National Guard and served in active duty status as well, for a combined 14 years of service. His passion for personal development led him to become a certified 7 Habits facilitator back in 2009. He became a certified John Maxwell Team member in 2015 as a coach, speaker and trainer and is the owner and president of Leadership Invictus, LLC.  Matt and his wife Kristin live in the Greater Denver Metro area. He is a proud father of 6 kids.


Greg Durocher, facilitation director

Greg is a man of many talents. Not only is he a graduate of the eL3 Plan Forward class, he won the Denver Metro SBDC Trout Tank and the Colorado State Business Plan competition. He is a competitor, a teacher and a business owner. Greg was a firefighter from more than 18 years both volunteer and career. He has always had a desire to serve and has come to realize that prevention is often the best approach to avoiding pain and suffering. This became clear to him as a firefighter paramedic with the success of “fire prevention” activity in the fire service and through being involved in injury prevention education. It was this mission that led him to start his business CEO at Safe Ride 4 Kids, LLC which provides parents innovative solutions for keeping their children safe in their car–from pregnancy forward. 

It was his desire to build a better business model and improve his revenue potential that led him to the class. It was also in the class that he realized an opportunity to incorporate his other passion-personal growth, human behavior and creating change. He had trained under and learned from the the very best in the world: Tony Robbins, Steve Linder, Cloe Madanes, John Gray, Deborah Battsby, etc. 

He now facilitates the Plan Forward curriculum at the Denver Metro SBDC and is teaching other SBDCs and users of the training program to facilitate for learning.

Small Business Champions

Read about what makes a small business champion here.

Matt believes that entrepreneurs are best suited to address the issues that plague our world. It’s the power and passion of entrepreneurs that will lead us into a better tomorrow.

Matthew S. Bargell

Curt Donohue


Elizabeth Lewis


Mike Saunders

Jennah Synnestvedt
Visioning & Design


Craig Watrous