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Tiffany Giovanini

Serial Entrepreneur and Salon Owner

Founder of A Giovanini Concepts INC in 2011, today brands Village Solo and Rounded Sharply offer supportive solutions for others creating their dream life + business.

As a serial entrepreneur, she is most known for her child-like curiosity, building communities, and making complex topics + ideas digestible for everybody.

A previous salon owner + hairdresser, Tiffany struggled to find personal time away from her studio when the business required her regularly present. It would be the years that followed where she learned the benefits of documenting + delegating, which empowered her team to step in with confidence and run the business as if she was there.

With no formal college education, rather years of hands-on experience in working and managing businesses, and some good old fashion trial-n-error that has allowed her success, leading to her desire to support other solopreneurs navigating their business journey.

If you were to ask her for one tip of business advice, she would remind you that you don’t have to have it all figured out– you just need to start. It is this core belief that continues to be her compass in life.

When not working, you can find Tiffany exploring the beaches and boardwalks of California or watching documentaries with her side-kick Mr. Mash Potato, an English bulldog.

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