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William Drumm

Director of Content

William Drumm is a photographer and marketing expert hailing from Denver, Colorado. At eL3 Hub, William is a key component of our marketing and outreach. He is our staff photographer and filmmaker, webmaster, and head of social media. 

William, who also goes by Bill or Billy, launched his company Drumm Media, LLC in April 2021. Drumm Media helps small businesses understand, build, and optimize their marketing efforts. Building websites, creating branding and logos, implementing content marketing programs, email marketing and paid advertising are all in the wheelhouse. 

William is also known for his photography and marketing and has an audience of around 100K on Instagram, where he regularly posts his personal work. His cinematography and photography clients have included Discovery Channel, Carhart, PBS, GoPro, BBC, PADI, NatGeo TV, Sheraton Hotels, and many others. 

At home, William lives with his wife Morgan, his eighteen-month-old daughter Rowen, and their three dogs, Maisy, Gunner, and Shiloh. 

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